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Rather than wait until the end of the planning effort for identifying solutions, TCA and its partners believe it was important to involve the public from the beginning as it conducts an inclusive, initial ‘brainstorming’ effort to develop solution ideas reflective of the public’s input. The 20 ideas proposed by the public will be technically studied for Northbound/Southbound traffic relief effectiveness and those that provide meaningful traffic relief will move forward into a formal environmental process.


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Public Generated Traffic Congestion Relief Ideas

1. Dynamic Pricing of TCA Facilities 2. Greater Train Frequency 3. Synchronized Lights on Arterials 4. Add Mobility Hubs at Train Stations, Etc. 5. Build-out District 5 Bike Facilities 6. Widen Ortega Highway to 4 lanes 7. Widen Arterials to MPAH Maximum 8. Extend La Pata to Cristianitos 9. Connect Ortega Hwy & Antonio Pkwy to Avery Pkwy & SR 73 10. Add I-5 HOV Lane (Pico to County Line) 11. Add I-5 General Purpose Lane (I-405 to County Line)
12. Add I-5 HOT Lane (I-405 to County Line) 13. Connect SR 241 to I-5 via Western Alternative 14. Connect SR 241 to I-5 via La Pata Crossing 15. Connect SR 241 to I-5 via Cristianitos 16. Autonomous Vehicles/Technology Enhancements 17. Connect SR 241 to I-5 via Shore Cliffs 18. Connect SR 241 to 73 19. Connect SR 241 to I-15 in the City of Temecula 20. Double-Deck I-5

Information for Past Forums

From the three public forums, we collected hundreds of pieces of community feedback including video comments, court reporter recorded comments, opinion surveys, and over 500 questions regarding transportation infrastructure in South Orange County. Below you will find presentations, agendas, and livestream recordings of each of the public forums.

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