Public Forum #3: Monday, June 5th 2017

Saddleback Community College at 5:30 PM


In Person Agenda

5:30 PM

5:45 PM
Opening Remarks & Process Overview

5:50 PM
Panel 1 – Environmental Settlement Agreement Discussion

6:20 PM
Public Q&A

6:50 PM
5-minute Break

7:00 PM
Panel 2 – Formal Environmental Review Process Discussion

7:30 PM
Public Q&A

8:00 PM
Closing Remarks

Online Agenda

5:45 PM

We would like to thank members of the community who attended our third public forum at Saddleback College, in-person or online, and provided feedback through either a video recording, the court reporter, and/or comment cards. Through these submissions, the TCA has been provided with valuable information in its efforts to reduce South Orange County traffic. For the past couple of weeks, we have been reviewing and cataloging over 547 questions, 441 written comments, 145 video comments, and 166 court reporter comments. A full list of both the in-person and online written questions and comments are posted below. In addition, we have posted scanned versions of the original comment and question cards. If you asked a question at the forum, or online, your question has been posted in a master list of public questions that have been categorized and color-coded based upon the following themes:

  • Beltway and Toll Road Ideas
  • Camp Pendleton
  • Environment
  • Formal Process
  • General questions
  • Public Outreach
  • Transportation Planning and Projections

In the coming weeks, we will be posting a document with answers addressing each of these questions. Responses to each question will be emailed out to the email address provided, and video comments will be posted of those who provided authorization to post their comments online. However, for all video comments involving a minor or from those who did not provide an authorization, only a written transcription will be posted, rather than the video testimony. Those transcriptions are now being prepared and should be posted in a few weeks’ time. Please note: The transcription will be redacted to conform to authorization restrictions and/or privacy laws, specifically including those directed to the protection of minors.  Also, if your comments or questions included the use of profanity, inappropriate, and/or explicit language, we have redacted the offensive content from both the scanned and typed versions of your comment and/or question. In addition, to protect individual privacy, we have also redacted last names, emails, and phone numbers from each card submitted. If you do not see your question listed, please contact us The goal of the TCA is to work together so we can identify a balanced solution for South Orange County’s worsening traffic crisis.


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