Together, We Can Get Orange County Moving

With a growing population and new development, traffic delays are expected to increase by 64% by 2035.
We need solutions now to fix our traffic problems.

South Orange County Traffic Relief Effort Frequently Asked Questions

Our Goals

Through an extensive outreach effort over the past several years, TCA has gathered input from the public and local elected officials, in order to:

Reduce Traffic

minimize bottlenecks on freeways and arterials

Improve Mobility

provide transportation options for the community

Listen To The Community

garner feedback from residents

Protect the Environment

work to preserve open spaces

Public Forums

In an effort to find solutions that will help solve our traffic problems, we conducted three public forums over the course of two years.

These public forums solicited public input, fostered communication, and facilitated collaboration among transportation agencies, elected officials, and stakeholders.

From these public forums, we collected 20 public-generated ideas to help reduce north-south traffic in South Orange County.

These ideas ranged from bike paths, greater train frequency, widening the I-5 Freeway, and completing The Toll Road network to name a few.

Public Forum Feedback

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